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"Slain Prince of Walnut Creek" - Art Inspired by Miles

We invited the community to join us in commemorating the life of Miles Hall at our virtual "Say His Name" event on Wednesday, May 31st. This special free virtual event was how we choose to mark Miles' 4th Angelversary. If you'd like to see a replay of the event, click here.

This year to celebrate Miles and the positive change happening in his name, we'll be highlighted the power of art, music, and creative expression in making positive change in the world, in bringing joy, comfort, and inspiration to people, and helping end the stigma and criminalization often surrounding mental health and mental illness.

Original works inspired by Miles' life and the powerful activism being done in his name to educate and advocate to prevent other families from experiencing these kinds of senseless losses were showcased at the event. Here are the artists who submitted their work for the Angelversary event. Other local resources from Beats, Rhymes & Life, East Bay Art Therapy, Connections House,

and Tiffany James were there as well making this a very special event. helped us make this a moving and very special event.


An ongoing opportunity to "Say His Name" and share his story, while helping support The Miles Hall Foundation is the result of a generous donation to the foundation by Walnut Creek-based fine artist, L. Wheeler.

She created a beautiful painting inspired by Miles' spirit and energy - the "Slain Prince of Walnut Creek".

Slain Prince of Walnut Creek painting by L. Wheeler
Slain Prince of Walnut Creek by L. Wheeler

Artist Statement: the “Slain Prince of Walnut Creek” - L. Wheeler

When a city has a story to tell it TELLS the story.

In the seen and unseen.

It sings as the winds blows through the trees;

It inspires the community to speak, to share the story through words, signs, and symbols.

This piece honors a tragic and empowering story. The story of a young man killed in his neighborhood by those who were meant to protect him. The story of a family who demanded JUSTICE for Miles and works to create a change even in the aftermath of losing their first son and only brother.

The story of Miles Hall reverberated in my corner of the WORLD in 2020;

Walnut Creek was a place I knew and yet a completely NEW home.

The WORLD shut down due to COVID-19.

America was on FIRE due to the untimely death of George Floyd.

I heard about Miles Hall in June 2020 from neighbors right before the first anniversary of his death. I was shocked. Saddened. And inspired by his mother’s dedication to getting justice for Miles.

The UNIVERSE really wanted me to pay attention, so much so it arranged a chance meeting on June 2, 2020.

I walked past three lovely neighbors in Civic Park. A voice literally said and that this was Miles’ family. It was the Hall family - Taun, Scott, and Alexis; Miles’ family walking right past me. I stopped and talked to his family. Looked into his sister’s and his father’s eyes. Felt his mother’s dedication. It was life altering.

Over the next few months, I spent endless days walking around the downtown of Walnut Creek. Miles was everywhere. Literally his name was painted on rocks placed throughout town, his photo on yard signs and his name on the lips of neighbors who knew him. There were daily protests and neon green and black ribbons. Reminding me, and all of us, that this was a child who was killed while having a mental health crisis. I took the painting to protest many times to ensure the piece resonated with the support, love, and outrage. Miles wasn’t, and isn’t, going to be forgotten. His story is too important to tell, hear, see, and feel.

I feel a deep connection to community. I believe the children in a city belong to all of us. We are to protect the most vulnerable in our community, show compassion and generosity. I consider Miles to be the “Prince of Walnut Creek” - a wonderful SOUL who spent most of his life here in our beautiful community. And now, even in his death, teaches us all so much about what it is to be a part of a community.

Inspiration for "The Slain Prince of Walnut Creek"

This piece was inspired by Miles Hall. Miles was a young Black man who was shot by local police while experiencing a mental health crisis.

I had just moved to Walnut Creek, CA and the pandemic hit. I met his proud parents and powerful younger sister on the anniversary of his death in June 2020.

Tragically Miles Hall was shot steps from his home by police officers while he was experiencing a mental health crisis. He died too soon. It's such a tragedy. Yet his family has really turned it into an opportunity to improve our community.

He used to come to the apartment below mine + two doors down. I connected with his SPIRIT and was inspired to create this piece. The SPIRIT was sweet, mischievous, and brilliant. I allowed the SPIRIT to flow through me, express itself in the paint. I used neon green and black as these are the colors of mental health awareness.

I hope by donating this painting, and the use of the image, to The Miles Hall Foundation, Miles’ vibrant spirit will continue to be an inspiration to others.


Thank you, L. Wheeler, for reaching out to us and for donating this painting, the license to the image, and your considerable talents to honor Miles and support our mission.

Here’s a short video of the painting at one of the Walnut Creek City Hall protests.


The original painting of the “Slain Prince of Walnut Creek” will be available for auction at the “Play for Miles” online auction coming up this fall in conjunction with our "Play for Miles" Golf Tournament and Poker Dinner Party Tournament. Auction bidding starts September 1, 2023 and ends September 17th. Follow our social media or sign up for our newsletter to get notification of when our "Play for Miles" and other events are happening.

If you or your company would like to donate an item for the “Play for Miles” auction, you can submit your items here. Or find out about "Play for Miles" sponsorship opportunities here.


fine art print (number 6 of 100) painting with certificate of authenticity laid on top

certificate of authenticity for print #6 of 100

A limited edition run of 100 signed and numbered fine art prints of the “Slain Prince of Walnut Creek” will be available for donations of $125 or more to The Miles Hall Foundation - while supplies last. There will be no more than 100 of these prints created. When they're gone, they're gone. These limited edition prints are unframed.

Fine Art prints are 12 x 16 printed on 100% cotton textured archival watercolor paper and include a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and technical specifications card. Art prints are custom cold press printed at Berkeley Giclee.

100% of your donation will go directly to support the mission of The Miles Hall Foundation.

To donate and receive one of the first limited edition fine art prints, click here.

Fine art prints can be picked up in Walnut Creek, CA or can be shipped for an additional donation to cover packaging and postage. The first 10 prints are available now. The remaining prints will be available approximately 3 weeks after your qualifying donation.


Just as special and affordable for home, office, or dorm room, 18 x 24 matte posters are available for sale for $40 with local pick-up here in our online store.

100% of the proceeds for poster sales will go to The Miles Hall Foundation.

Additional items may be available with this image in the future with 100% of the donations going to The Miles Hall Foundation courtesy of the artist, L. Wheeler.

To see more of L. Wheeler's art visit her Instagram


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