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MilesTones Campaign

The MilesTones campaign began in 2019 shortly after Miles was killed and is still going strong.

As we approach the 4th year since Miles' was taken from us, we invite you to paint stones in honor of Miles Hall and place them all over to keep his memory alive and bring continued awareness to the work of The Miles Hall Foundation.

Images of things that Miles loved, his beach cruiser bike, music, art, and succulents as well as some of the symbols we now use to remember him and bring attention to mental illness, to police brutality, to racial and social justice are great elements to include.

Miles deserved to live his life and share his joy, his humor, his music, his intellect, and his love for his family with the world. Because he's not here to do that, we will do for him and Say His Name! MILES HALL with smiles as we do.

Thank you for everyone who's created a MilesTone - or several!

These are a few from the past few years. If you make MileStones, but sure to take a photo and post it with the hashtags #MilesHall #Say His Name and #MilesTones tagging one or more of our socials!


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