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Say His Name Event Creative Submissions

Last month, we had a call for creative submissions to celebrate Miles' creativity and life at his 4th Angelversary event. Below is a selection of the talented young people who sent in their work. Thank you all for submitting and thank you to everyone who continues to SAY HIS NAME - MILES HALL!

Terry Johnson:

"I’m a 17 year old artist from Sacramento, & I go by Rf.tee on all social & streaming platforms"

This song is titled "Prodigy"

Instagram for Rf.tee

Fredo Gillis

"Say His Name" Event Creative Submissions by AlFredo Gillis

"Hello! My name is Alfredo and I am a recently made portrait artist! It all started last December with a birthday gift to a close friend. I had a few extra art supplies laying around and I decided to paint my favorite photo of her for her 21st birthday. I’ve never really been the best at gift giving, but she absolutely loved it. I then painted my mother, father, and sister for Christmas and they loved theirs. Eventually my friends started asking for portraits for themselves and their loved ones and it sort of became my passion. The joy I get from seeing the ecstatic expressions on people’s faces when they see their portrait is priceless! I am completely self taught but my progression in the past few months has been amazing to see. My close friend Brenna told me about this opportunity and I was delighted to get a chance to show my work!"

Nyilah Palmer

Say His Name Event Creative Submissions by Mani Palmer - Singer/songwriter

Hi! My name is Mani Palmer. I am a singer/songwriter originally based in Los Angeles. I wrote this song, "Melanin", after I had gone through some very racist interactions my freshman year of college. Some white men had essentially denied our friend access to their fraternity because they felt he was associated with too many black women as our friend group was comprised of three black women and him. They told him they didn’t fit their envelope because he hung around us. They would smile in our faces and pretend as if they didn’t have racist transgressions against us. It inspired me to write a song about how being black isn’t a curse or a consequence. It’s a beautiful thing but the song also sheds light on the truth of what it is to be black in America.

Khazm Kogita - AKA King Khazm

"Too many young ones like Miles Hall have been unjustly murdered by the hands of those who are hired to protect and serve. We must dig to the root of the systemic oppression and white supremacy that continue to plague us and reform completely through lens of radicalized justice, love and upliftment of all people and demand the change we need to see."


Over the years since Miles' tragic killing, others have been inspired to create images and art for the Hall family. Here are a few we want to call attention to again. Thank you for honoring Miles in so many powerful and creative ways.


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