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Tiffany James - Spoken Word Piece for 2023 "Say His Name" Miles Hall Angelversary Event

Tiffany James, founder of Encouraging Touch at "Say His Name" Miles Hall Angelversary Event

Tiffany James, founder of Encouraging Touch, is a writer, story-teller and encouragement coach. "For years, I knew I carried something great, but stepping out into it was another story. So in 2019, I went on a beautiful self-discovery journey. My dream has always been to give individuals the much-needed courage to embrace their identity and walk out in their greatness. Today, I am answering the call of the dream as I help people not only discover and own their voice, but fall in love with it."

We're so touched by her spoken word poem written to honor Miles on the 4th year since he was taken from us.


Losing a child whether by natural causes, suicide, or to a senseless and preventable crime, it leaves behind a pain that not even the strongest person, especially a parent, can accurately describe. And turning that pain into purpose might be one of the hardest challenge a parent must face.

But you must know that your loss has a listener, your sorrow has a song, your tears have a testimony, and yes, your pain has a purpose!

Your pain is more powerful than you know. It is the protest that commands law enforcement to serve and protect those who are battling mental health. It is the voice that creates policies that works towards eliminating these types of inequities.

Your pain is the urgency of action to raise awareness concerning mental health in every community.

Your pain is the legs that stands against the senseless violence, runs against this broken system, and sit in solidarity with activist working towards change!

Your pain has arms that reaches out and link arms with another mother, father, sister, or brother or any other, who is experiencing the same pain in their heart.

Your pain has a purpose deep within where forgiveness becomes the fragrance to freedom and the attribute of the strong.

Your pain has a GOD who hears, who will stand with you, fight for you, hold you, comfort you, all while strengthening you.

Please know that, your pain may never have a full understanding of the “why”? Although your lives will never be the same do not allow your pain to use you but instead find the strength to use your pain, so that your loved one’s life will not be in vain.

For it is your pain that has become the purpose that will never allow the world to forget their name.

Today, through this purpose we call out and remember your name! Miles Hall!

Through this purpose we call out and remember your name! Miles Hall! We will never forget your infectious smile, creative spirit, and your courageous journey.

Your name may be written in stone but who you were to us is forever imprinted on our hearts.

We will always remember and call out your name!

Through this purpose we call out the names of all those gone too soon.

Tiffany James ©2023


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