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Podcast: Advocating for Police Accountability and Mental Health Crisis Response: A Year Later with Miles Hall's Family

Police accountability and mental health crisis response advocacy

In this deeply engaging KPFA podcast episode, host, Mitch Jeserich, leads listeners through several heartbreaking stories that unfold over the course of the episode. The central narrative revolves around the one-year anniversary of the death of 23-year-old Miles Hall at the hands of Walnut Creek police.

Within this emotional journey, Taun Hall, Miles Hall's mother, shares her ongoing struggle for justice, providing listeners with a window into the profound impact of loss and the relentless pursuit of accountability through police accountability and mental health crisis response advocacy.

The community comes together at a memorial event to honor Miles, and family members and supporters passionately advocate for changes in mental health crisis response, police use of force, and the adoption of anti-bias and de-escalation training, all under the umbrella of police accountability and mental health crisis response advocacy.

The podcast expands its focus to a broader national context, exploring the consequences of law enforcement's forceful responses to protests against police brutality. ER Nurse Asantewaa Boykin from UC Davis Medical Center shares heartfelt accounts of treating patients affected by police repression, adding a deeply human dimension to the discussion.

Listen to the podcast here

Featured in this episode is also the compelling story of advocates like Amber Akemi Piatt, a member of the "Audit Ahern" coalition. She delves into the challenges posed by social media posts from Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern's office, discussing the impact of these posts that portray individuals on bail as potential threats to the community, all while advocating for police accountability and mental health crisis response.

Melina Abdullah, co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter, contributes to the episode by providing on-the-ground updates from the uprisings for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in Los Angeles, highlighting the importance of police accountability and mental health crisis response advocacy in addressing systemic issues. The podcast also captures the strength of community activism, highlighting a powerful peaceful youth demonstration for Justice for George Floyd & Breonna Taylor in Oakland.


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