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Miles Hall Day of Remembrance 2024

Thursday, February 15, 2024 

Contra Costa County Miles Hall Day of Remembrance and Miles' heavenly birthday.

On this day in 1996 Miles Anthony Hall was born. The first child for Scott and Taun Hall. He would have turned 28 years old today, if he had not been killed by the police during a mental health emergency on June 2, 2019 just a few blocks from his home. He was just 23 years old. 

His infectious smile, sweet demeanor, and inquisitive and creative mind are dearly missed in this world. His family misses him every single day. He should be here celebrating with them, having cake, laughing with friends, and living the life he deserved to have surrounded by their love, compassion and support. 

The memory of Miles and the tragic and brutal end to his life is our catalyst to inspire and drive change for families everywhere who love someone living with a mental illness. Miles could have been your son or daughter, your friend or partner, your neighbor or colleague. Mental health challenges touch all our lives.

Join us in honoring Miles' life by sharing your favorite memories of Miles, a story of hope and inspiration for those living with mental health challenges, or make a comment spreading awareness about community-based, non-police, mental health resources in your area. 

Every like, comment, or action helps keep Miles' light shining bright for all of us.

Consider honoring Miles' legacy with a donation to The Miles Hall Foundation, dedicated to fighting police brutality and raising awareness about mental illness. Your contribution can make a meaningful impact on helping us achieve our mission >>> 

The mission of The Miles Hall Foundation is to advocate for individuals and families impacted by mental illness, educate communities to reduce stigma and bias surrounding mental illness, and prevent criminalization and excessive use of force by law enforcement during mental health emergencies. #BlackHistoryMonth #RememberMilesHall #SayHisName #MilesHall #MentalHealthAwareness #EndStigma #JusticeForMiles #MentalIllnessIsNotaCrime #forever23 #RestInPower #MentalHealthMatters #BlackLivesMatter #EndMentalHealthStigma 


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