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173: This Is Actually Happening Podcast

In a raw and honest podcast from "This is Actually Happening" in January of 2012, Taun Hall, Miles Hall's mother, lays bare the tragic tale of her son's life and the brutal reality of his untimely death. Born on February 15, 1996, Miles wasn't an ordinary young man Black living in Walnut Creek, CA. He was extraordinary in so many ways. Yet, like so many, he lived with a mental illness. His death wasn't due to his illness, it was horrific result of the broken system of policing and lack of resources for families with loved ones diagnosed with severe mental illness, especially during medical emergencies. Miles, his life, taken too soon, has left an undeniable impact on his family, his community, and tens of thousands of others who learn his name and story.

Taun Hall's interview on this podcast isn't just a tale of loss; it's a wake-up call for the world that we can't let this happen again. Listen here.

Episode Summary: A mother faces the ultimate tragedy at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and serve.   To find out more about what happened to Miles, and the Miles Hall Foundation, go to there you can see the video mentioned in the episode. To learn more about the foundation created to honor Miles by making the systemic changes needed to save lives and to donate to support the work of The Miles Hall Foundation, go here.

Transcript of audio here.


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