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Thank You + See You Again Mashup - featuring Daniel D-Lucca Parenti and Misa Malone

This performance was featured in the June 2nd, 2020 "Remembering Miles Hall" Zoom webinar, one year after his death at the hands of Walnut Creek police who were called to help him. Arranger and bassist Daniel D-Lucca Parenti and acclaimed vocalist Misa Malone perform this mashup of Dido's "Thank You" and Wiz Kahlifa's "See You Again."

On June 2nd 2019, our beautiful son Miles Hall was shot and killed by the Walnut Creek Police. Because our mental health system is deeply flawed and doesn’t support families whose adult children have mental illness, we had no option but to turn to the police to get Miles help when he was in crisis. We sought out guidance about how to maneuver through this system. We were strategic and deliberate in our efforts to protect and support Miles. After working with the police for two years to protect Miles during his mental health episodes, the Walnut Creek police responded to our call for help on June 2nd with lethal force. On a sunny afternoon in our quiet neighborhood, the Walnut Creek Police shot and killed Miles within a block from our home before making any efforts to de-escalate the situation. Miles was ill. He was not a criminal. Miles should be alive today. ​ Since his death in June 2019, we have been fighting to create change and protect families from loss like ours. We have recently created the Miles Hall Foundation to continue and expand our work. ​ We are all connected to someone who is suffering from mental illness. And we all have the power to create change to protect and support them. We ask you to work with us to create desperately needed change. We cannot do this work without you. To jumpstart our foundation, please contribute ANY amount to support our work. Consider contributing in honor of the person or persons you’d like to protect. We will be outlining specific projects in the coming months and you’ll be the first to be notified. Thank you so much for your generosity. With your donation, you will bless our family’s work and Miles’ legacy. With your help, we are without doubt that Miles’ death will not be in vain. Taun and Scott Hall


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