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Miles Hall Day of Remembrance

Holidays, especially birthdays and "angelversary" dates can be so hard when you've lost a loved one.

As we approach his 27th birthday, a day that is now marked as a Day of Remembrance in Contra Costa County, we are holding our sweet son Miles in our hearts.

Miles was such a source of joy and kindness in our home. He was hilarious and made us laugh because he was fun and silly.  He was a bright light in this world and loved to live and imagine his future. 

Miles Hall Day of Remembrance - Bubble Gum

 Miles had plans and wanted his own family to love, he very much wanted to be a husband and a dad. Miles was our future. Those who knew Miles knew what a special relationship he had with Alexis, his best friend and little sister. Miles is missed every day.


Miles also looked out for others and cared about people he didn’t know. He would be proud to know that so many people who don’t know him care about him and say his name as they work to prevent what happened to him from ever happening to another family. Again this year, The Miles Hall Foundation will be giving back to the community in Miles' honor. Through our community partners we identify people in need who have been affected by mental illness and they will be given a bike.

Miles Hall Poster Day of Remembrance

We have also placed new memorial bricks at Remembrance Park in Walnut Creek and will hold a small gathering there to celebrate Miles Birthday at 5 pm on February 15th. See the details below. 

We want to thank all of the many The Miles Hall Foundation supporters who care about Miles and understand the importance of protecting his legacy and turning the pain of his loss into a greater purpose. We are forever grateful for your kindness and generosity and appreciate you remembering our dear Miles on February 15th.



Taun and Scott

February 15 in Walnut Creek - Day of Remembrance 

Miles Hall Day of Remembrance Brick Laying

On February 15th, Miles' birthday, we will unveil 24 new bricks at Remembrance Park. These bricks will add to the 100 bricks that were already installed last year. 


The Miles Hall Foundation, with help from members of the community, purchased benches and tables and worked together to transform a small park near where Miles lived, to remember Miles, Andrew King, and Aisha Horley and other loved ones who left us too soon.


Miles Hall Day of Remembrance Brick Laying by Scott & Taun

The park in Walnut Creek has now been renamed "Remembrance Park" and is a place of reflection and remembrance for many. 


We will have pizza and cupcakes to celebrate Miles 27th birthday. If you're in the area, please join us.

When: Wednesday, February 15

Time:  5:00 PM

Where: Remembrance Park in Walnut Creek between Lancaster & Lilac



Miles Hall Day of Remembrance Brick Laying - Digital Media Volunteers

Interesting in helping The Miles Hall Foundation amplify our voice in 2023? We want to talk to you!We're looking for volunteers to help us with social media, blogs posts, press releases, event promotion, content creation and email communication and would love to talk to you!


Please email us here to learn more and join the team! 


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