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"Going The Extra Miles": a Community Update & Celebration of Progress Made in 2023

Greetings justice warriors and champions of compassionate advocacy to end the criminalization of mental illness and prevent harm by law enforcement to our most vulnerable community members! As we stand on the precipice of change, it is with great excitement and gratitude that we extend a warm invitation to each and every one of you to join us for our 2023 "Going The Extra Miles" Annual Giving Tuesday Celebration and Progress Update. We'll hear from community leaders, elected officials, impacted families, mental health professionals, and members of our community about initiatives in place to transform - for the better -- the experiences and lives of those with mental illness and their families, especially in communities of color. In a world brimming over with conflict and challenges, we find solace and strength in our collective dedication to decriminalizing mental illness. "Going The Extra Miles" is not just another event; it's a celebration of the strides we've made and a testament to the boundless potential that lies ahead of positive change. Won't you join us for this free virtual community gathering?

Why Join Us? Because Mental Health Matters to Us All

Are you curious about the ongoing efforts to revolutionize mental health support, resources, and tools in California? Eager to be a part of the movement that shatters stigmas and builds a future where every individual receives compassionate, professional, and equitable care, resources, and outcomes?

Going The Extra Miles Agenda: Progress and Promise

As we gather together virtually on Zoom, we'll delve into the heart of critical discussions led by mental health professionals, educators, public safety advocates, and community leaders. We're excited have representatives from NAMI Contra Costa, Assemblyperson Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, Contra Costa County Health, the Miles Hall Foundation Board of Directors, the family of Angelo Quinto, and more.

Together we'll learn more about:

  • Progress on the Implementation of 988: Learn more about the alternative to 911 for mental health emergencies that is reshaping the landscape of crisis response.

  • Legislative Update & Recent Changes in Laws and Policies: hear about newly enacted legislation, like California's AB 360 which bans the term “excited delirium” as a legitimate diagnosis or cause of death for those who have lost their lives while in police custody, like Angelo Quinto; as well as other bills working their way through the system that impact families with loved ones navigating the challenging terrain of mental illness and systemic racial bias in the criminal justice system.

  • The Proposed African American Holistic Wellness and Resource Hub: Be inspired by the vision and purpose behind this groundbreaking initiative to help address structural and institutional racism in healthcare, education, housing and other systems.

  • The A3 Model at the Miles Hall Crisis Hub: Get an update on the A3 model as it unfolds in Contra Costa County. Learn how you can help support this work being done in Miles' name.

  • 2024 Programs & Services from The Miles Hall Foundation : Envision the future with us as we give updates on our inaugural Youth Summit, the foundation's support of impacted families, and the launch of The Miles Hall Foundation's Therapy Portal, set to begin in 2024.

Your Voice Matters: Q&A Session

Our intention is for this not to be a one-way conversation. We value your input, your questions, and your curiosity. Our virtual gathering will provide ample time for a Q&A session, so come with questions and your enthusiasm to engage in the future of the work we intend to do together.

Heartfelt Gratitude to Our Funding Sponsors for the

#MileforMiles Turkey Trot and the "Going The Extra Miles" community update event.

No journey is taken alone, and we extend our gratitude to funders who are there with financial support to help us fulfill our mission and vision for the future. A special shout-out to our 2023 "Miles for Miles" Turkey Trot and "Going the Extra Miles" major sponsors: Kaiser Permanente, AssetMark, NAMI Contra Costa, and Cushman & Wakefield.

Additional appreciation goes to our Turkey Trot sponsors: Connections House, Contra Costa Fitness, and Alpha Business Advisors. Your generosity propels us forward.


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