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Culturally Responsive Substance Use Treatment: Dr. Gabrielle Jones's Podcast Sparks Inspiration

In a recent podcast, Dr. Gabrielle Jones, recipient of the 2024 ASAM Award for Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, and Justice in Addiction Medicine, shared insights on the importance of community and highlighted her involvement with The Miles Hall Foundation, advocating for mental health accessibility.

During the podcast, Dr. Jones stressed the importance of community and connectedness in the realm of addiction treatment and recovery. Drawing from her extensive background, she emphasized the need for tailored, culturally responsive approaches to address the unique needs of individuals. It was within this context that she shed light on her involvement with The Miles Hall Foundation (TMHF), an organization committed to revolutionizing mental health crisis intervention without resorting to law enforcement. As the vice chair of The Miles Hall Foundation, Dr. Jones passionately advocates for increased awareness and accessibility to mental health services, particularly among marginalized communities.

In this interview Dr. Jones tackles the pervasive stigma surrounding addiction and its treatment. Through poignant anecdotes and personal experiences, she underscored the importance of adopting non-stigmatizing language and fostering environments of acceptance and support.

Listeners will hear Dr. Jones's unwavering commitment to social justice and her impactful efforts to effect positive change. Her words serve as a beacon of hope, igniting a collective drive to foster empathy, understanding, and inclusivity in all aspects of life.

Listen to Dr. Jones on "Culturally Responsive Substance Use Treatment" below.

Note: For more information on Dr. Jones's initiatives and upcoming projects, visit her website ( and follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Announcement: Pre-Sale Now Available for Dr. Gabrielle Jones's New Book!

Culturally Responsive Substance Use Treatment book

The pre-sale for Dr. Gabrielle Jones's highly anticipated book, "Culturally Responsive Substance Use Treatment," has begun! This transformative work invites readers into the world of culturally responsive substance use treatment, emphasizing the critical importance of integrating cultural understanding and sensitivity into every aspect of care.

Drawing from her extensive industry experience, Dr. Jones masterfully articulates why cultural responsiveness is paramount in providing effective substance use treatment. Through compelling case studies, practical tools, and thought-provoking insights, she empowers readers to navigate the complexities of culture and tailor interventions for maximum impact.

This book is an indispensable resource for organizations, practitioners, and students alike, seeking to transform the landscape of substance use treatment and promote equitable, inclusive care.

Don't miss this opportunity to secure your copy and join the movement towards more effective, culturally responsive treatment strategies.


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