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Please join NAMI Contra Costa at the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 to help us declare:

* February 12-18, 2023: African American Mental Health Awareness Week

* February 15, 2023: Miles Hall Day of Remembrance

* March 8, 2023: Tyrell Wilson Day of Remembrance

A collage displaying different snapshots of Miles Hall's life, dedicated to Miles Hall Day of Remembrance 2023 and remembering him on his 27th birthday
Miles Hall Day of Remembrance 2023

The Board of Supervisors holds regular meetings at the County Administration Building at 1025 Escobar Street, Martinez.

Meetings are held on Tuesdays beginning at 9:00 AM

You can watch the live recording of this and other Board of Supervisors meeting at the link in the agenda located here:

The final resolution reads:

In the matter of: Resolution No. 2023/40 declaring February 12-18, 2023 as African American Mental Health Awareness Week, February 15th as Miles Hall Day of Remembrance and March 8th as Tyrell Wilson Day of Remembrance

WHEREAS, in the African American community, there is a need to support the recovery process of peers/clients/consumers and family members impacted by mental health and substance use issues through the delivery of well-funded, culturally-responsive, community-defined and honoring services, including but not limited to, the incorporation of identified spiritual/faith practices and beliefs when requested; and

WHEREAS, mental health and substance use issues and the devastating impact of COVID-19 are among the leading causes of health challenges for African Americans in this County; and

WHEREAS, scientific studies show that when the services are delivered by individuals reflective of those served and faith/spiritual practices are included and embraced as a part of the recovery plan, the peer/client/consumer along with the behavioral health system experiences shorter recovery times, fewer relapses, and fewer hospitalizations; and

WHEREAS, Contra Costa County Behavioral Health and Provider Services, in an effort to better reflect and celebrate the diverse populations of the county, has been one of the pioneering counties to heed the

voice of the peer/client/consumer and family members in building collaborations with various faith based/spiritual communities to explore all resources and tools that will enhance mental health wellness in the African American Community; and

WHEREAS, NAMI Contra Costa, it’s African American Uplift Program, peers/clients/consumers, family members, providers, spiritual leaders, Conscious Contra Costa, and The Miles Hall Foundation are working hard to support and protect families by educating communities about mental illness and by protecting those living with mental illness from unjust practices and harm by supporting the Miles Hall Crisis Line and the A3 24 hour/7 days a week non-police response program, and

WHEREAS, all interested stakeholders can participate in the February 16th Mental Health Awareness Black History Virtual Event providing an update for the African American Uplift Program, The Miles Hall Foundation Bicycle Give-away and ongoing efforts to replace misinformation about mental health, erase prejudice, fear and blame thereby reducing stigma and disparities to unserved, underserved and inappropriately-served communities by helping restore mental health wellness, and reimagining safety for ALL in Contra Costa County.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors proclaims February 12-18, 2023 as acknowledgement of African American Mental Health Awareness Week and February 15, 2023 as Miles Hall Day of Remembrance, March 8th as Tyrell Wilson Day of Remembrance and encourages everyone to participate.


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