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Miles Hall Angelversary: Hall Family Call to Mental Health Advocacy and Support

In the wake of the family's unthinkable loss, Taun Hall, mother of Miles Hall, spoke about her son, one year after this tragic death. This is a replay of the virtual "Remembering Miles" event. To learn more about Miles and what happened, listen to the first few minutes of the replay. Every year, the Hall family, now through The Miles Hall Foundation, honors Miles with #Angelversary #SayHisName events. The Hall family and thousands of supporters and partners continue to work round-the-clock to prevent another family from going through the pain of grieving for a loved one, not due to mental illness, but dues to the lack of resources and professional compassionate help available to prevent and address mental health emergency situations. This virtual gathering provided a safe space for participants to share their stories, find solace, and ignite a collective call to action. Reflecting on this powerful meeting underscores the importance of community, compassion, and the enduring legacy of Miles Hall.

Watch the recording here:


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